Bad news!

Bad news. I know I mentioned already that the snow is gone, so that’s not “new” bad news. It has been warm here lately. The sun has been shining and the wildflowers are all a bloom (keeping Jughead very busy and preoccupied with all the scents, of course). Another thing comes along with those warmer temperatures and sunny days – I AM SHEDDING! Oh no. I will probably stay close to home for a while because I’m only half the husky I used to be. The rest of “me” is laying in clumps on the ground. This wait for winter is going to be worse than I ever imagined. I would start a countdown, but it might only make the process of winter coming feel longer. I can only hope for a late Spring snow, although I might freeze if I don’t have my coat! Either way….

Let the adventure begin!


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