First Day of Summer

The first day of summer… for a winter-loving dog like myself, that doesn’t sound like much to celebrate. But the way I think about it, we are now one season closer to Winter. Time is certainly doing its job – passing. I wouldn’t mind if it would speed up the process and get along with it already, but Kelly the horse says that good things come to dogs who wait. I’m waiting all right … waiting for snow. Seems like a figment of my imagination almost, but I will hold on to it with hopeful anticipation. Until then …

Let the adventure begin!


Rain or RAIN?

There are two distinctly different things in life that when written on paper, look quite the same – rain and RAIN. Sure they are spelled the same. They are even pronounced the same, although one looks like it might be said at a louder volume. But right now I am acutely aware of the distinctness; there is a difference in quantity, speed, and duration of the rainfall. The water has been falling from the sky in buckets and with little break at all – for days. I began to get “doghouse fever” and took a walk in the woods despite the incredible soaker we are having. My fur felt like it weighed about 200 pounds – it was so full of rainwater. Unfortunately, I was made aware of that right when I was standing in front of Lucy’s little den. I immediately shook, as instinct requires when one realizes the fur situation and to lighten my load for the rest of the walk home. Let’s just say that Lucy felt pretty put out at my timing. The ducks in her pond didn’t seem to even notice. All that to say ….. the precipitation we are experiencing here now is RAIN (and I won’t be allowed near Lucy’s den for a while)!

Let the adventure begin!


Seasons Defined

I asked around and it seems that the seasons are bound by the calendar. Funny that they don’t actually fit with the weather; “here” at least. Maybe they do somewhere?! Apparently where ever that “somewhere” is, doesn’t get winter until December 21st. I don’t think I would like it where ever that is. “Here” is as good a place as any and apparently “here” it is still Spring, but not for too much longer…

Let the adventure begin!

Is it summer yet?

One of the benefits of living in this part of the country is that Spring is a quite short season. Basically the only distinction between Spring and Summer is the consistency of warmer temperatures. Otherwise the two seasons look similar – wildflowers growing everywhere, birds building nests, bees gathering pollen, crops trying to quickly produce, sun shining more than not. Which leaves me wondering one thing – is it summer yet?

Let the adventure begin!

False Alarm

False alarm. That was just rain pushing in and some cooler temperatures. No snow in that line of clouds! The rain cooled things off though and brought Fred the llama along for a visit as he was greatly concerned that there would be lightning. I tried to explain to him that we needed warmer temperatures for lightning and that it was safe, but he wouldn’t listen. I never knew a full-sized llama could squeeze into a dog house, but I guess if there is enough motivation…. I slept outside! Should clear up tomorrow….

Let the adventure begin!