“It’s as hot as a LLAMA!”

I have heard people say that “it’s as hot as a dog out there” – on a particularly hot and balmy day. Where did that saying come from? It doesn’t make sense. I can see the use of this phrase – “it’s as hot as a chicken out there!” Chickens have a body temperature of 104. That’s hot! A dog’s body temperature is only 101.5. A dog at 104 degrees is considered to be sick. Which makes me wonder why the saying “sick as a dog” is used at all either – I’ve never actually been sick before, but then that’s a different discussion. Back to the “hot as a dog” comment. Why not say “it’s as hot as a llama out there”? I was walking in the woods and stumbled on Fred the llama. There’s a hot looking animal. He is covered in wool….even in the summer! That one makes the most sense. I like it! I guess the only way to affect change is to start one dog at a time. So next time I am around a group of friends and we are complaining about the heat, I’m going to say, “it’s as hot as a llama out there!”

Let the adventure begin, even if it’s as hot as a llama out there!


Got Sweat?

Is it sweating or melting that humans do? I saw a human in the woods the other day and it seemed as if he was turning into a puddle right before my eyes. What an undignified practice – sweat! I suppose the same could have been said about me when I lost my fur, but it was a quick process that lasted only a few days. This sweat thing seems to be constant, as if one sprung a leak on all of their pores at once, for an entire season. Panting seems to be much more effective! I am glad, too, since that is how I plan on spending my day.

Let the panting begin!

Hibernating is not easy!

It turns out that no matter how hard one tries to hibernate, sleeping for that long is not as easy as it sounds. I counted sheep and finally stopped when I had to start making up numbers to go that high – I don’t think “gagillion” is really a number. On one hand, it did pass some time and, on the other hand, it felt as if that time that passed was inching along like a snail. I thought about drinking some hot milk, but couldn’t bear the thought of anything that might make me even warmer than I am already. I guess I won’t be able to take the easy way out of this one – I will have to live through all of summer. Holding on to the hope that Fall will come soon ….

Let the adventure begin!


I have never understood why some creatures hibernate during winter. Winter is the best time of year – the cool crisp air, the smell of pine trees on the breeze, the sting of Jack Frost nipping at your nose, the snow falling like a blanket around you. It cools my heart just to think about it. Why anyone would want to curl up and sleep through the entire season baffles me! The next time I see a bear, I should get the gumption up to ask. But for now, I will dream of hibernating through summer. That would be the best time to sleep through an entire season – the hot muggy air, the smell of sweat on the breeze, the sting of mosquitoes nipping at your nose, the sun rays melting your fur right off of you. Yes, I do believe that hibernating through summer would be a great idea to help pass the time.

Let the hibernation begin!