“It’s as hot as a LLAMA!”

I have heard people say that “it’s as hot as a dog out there” – on a particularly hot and balmy day. Where did that saying come from? It doesn’t make sense. I can see the use of this phrase – “it’s as hot as a chicken out there!” Chickens have a body temperature of 104. That’s hot! A dog’s body temperature is only 101.5. A dog at 104 degrees is considered to be sick. Which makes me wonder why the saying “sick as a dog” is used at all either – I’ve never actually been sick before, but then that’s a different discussion. Back to the “hot as a dog” comment. Why not say “it’s as hot as a llama out there”? I was walking in the woods and stumbled on Fred the llama. There’s a hot looking animal. He is covered in wool….even in the summer! That one makes the most sense. I like it! I guess the only way to affect change is to start one dog at a time. So next time I am around a group of friends and we are complaining about the heat, I’m going to say, “it’s as hot as a llama out there!”

Let the adventure begin, even if it’s as hot as a llama out there!


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