Road trip!

Sometimes life requires a little more adventure than other times. When you feel like things around home are beginning to get dull, the only thing you can do is declare a “road trip” and set off. And so that is what I’ve done. I don’t normally like to venture beyond my comfortable woods. The smell of the pines and crisp mountain air are “home” to me. But tonight I will call the beach home. The salty air and frizzy fur will be a nice contrast and, if nothing more, they will help me appreciate the comforts of home … even if “home” is still experiencing summer.

Let the salty adventure begin!

I was wrong…

Okay, I was wrong. The storm clouds have rolled off and have left humidity in their place. That’s right, the “hot as a llama” weather is back. Looks like I will wile the time away scratching mosquito bites and panting… least for a while longer.

Let the scratching and panting begin!

Almost Fall?

It’s that beautiful time of summer. There are storm clouds and cool breezes. It’s a tease that Fall could be nearby. It’s a reprieve from my constant panting and hiding in the shade. The huckleberries line the bushes in the woods and the nights are just a little bit longer and a little bit cooler. Surely it must almost be Fall!

Let the adventure begin!

“Dog Awake”

Where did the saying “dog tired” come from? Not all dogs are typically tired, are they? Okay, Lucy the black lab is almost always asleep when I go to her place. But that’s just one dog. I’m a dog, and I can often be found doing other things. I love adventure! I tried to hibernate through summer and couldn’t even really properly nap to pass the time. What about being “dog awake” or “dog adventurous”? I like the sound of that!

Let the “dog adventure” begin!

Saint Bernard or Slim?

Who decided that the word “husky” would mean that someone is built stocky, heavy set, or big boned? There is even a clothing size called “husky” (which is not to be confused with the other clothing size “slim” – humph). I am a runner; that’s what all huskies love to do. I’m not “husky” and yet I am a husky. Confusing, isn’t it?! I’ll admit that at times my fur is a little fluffy, but all in all I have a rather athletic look. I saw a Saint Bernard the other day that looked like it had eaten one too many bowls of kibble, if you catch my drift. He didn’t look like much of a runner, either. Maybe the size could be renamed “Saint Bernard”?

Let the husky adventure begin!