Can you smell Fall?

I ran into Jughead in the woods today….literally. He said he saw me coming, but I could’ve sworn his eyes were closed even after I bumped into him. He says he gets that a lot on account of his droopy eyes. I was looking to the sky so I most certainly did not see him there. I was trying to watch the cloud patterns; wondering if they showed any sign of the change of seasons. When I explained what I was doing to Jughead, he assured me that changes were happening….he could smell it! That’s the best news I have heard in a long time. He says that the smell of the air changes as nature goes through the process of slowing down for winter. The changes are subtle, he explained, but he assured me that he could smell them. Encouraged by the news, I tried sniffing the wind (I am a dog after all). I wound up hyperventilating! I don’t know exactly what he smells in the air, but I am so glad to hear it!

Let the changes begin!


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