Tugger’s first adventure is found in the illustrated children’s book, The First Snowflake of Winter, available at the Store tab. This journal follows Tugger as he tries to pass time during Spring, Summer, and Fall.


Publishing house Maple Ridge Ltd. releases its new fully illustrated children’s book, “The First Snowflake of Winter.” This endearing tale follows a husky named Tugger as he shares the news with his friends, that he just caught the first snowflake of winter. Tugger plans a party to celebrate his great feat and to show his friends the first snowflake. Find out what happens as his friends gather around to see the flake. This story of the meaning of true friendship is artfully illustrated and is sure to be a favorite bedtime story.

Proud to be "Made in Montana"

Proud to be “Made in Montana”

This book is a Made in Montana original. The author, illustrator, and publisher all live and work in Montana and the offset printing was done in Montana as well. The book also celebrates one of the things that makes Montana so special – snow! As all of the characters enjoy the last days of autumn, the main character, a husky, eagerly anticipates the arrival of winter.

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  1. Hi Laura,
    Life is finally slowing down a little. I ordered my copy of your book just a few minutes ago. I can hardly wait to receive it as I am looking so forward to cuddling up with my little Landon spending qualify time with him reading about Tugger’s adventures.

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