Frosty the Snow Dog!

I just ran in for a minute to let you know that the snow has been plentiful in my woods. Once it started, it would not stop! The temps were below zero for more than a week…..I am so glad to find that shedding is reversible! I make a polar bear look underdressed right now! This weather is great and has felt like an early Christmas! My friends were all huddled indoors, but I have been outside so much that I haven’t had any time to write. I made some snow men so I could have company. Got to go!

Let the snowy adventure continue!

Kickstarter – Waiting


This Kickstarter thing might just be adding to the “waiting game” because now I am glued to the sky and the computer -one eye on each, watching for backers and snowflakes! I had a great idea though! What if I make snowflakes out of paper and decorate my dog house with them? Then at least when I am at home, it will feel wintery. The only problem is, I’m not very good with scissors! I’d probably be better off asking Sapphire the cat if she has any spare hair balls laying around. They’re white! Although she is a bit of a neat freak; I can’t imagine that she would keep such things on hand. That would be more of a Tepkins the frog type of thing to do and green scaly skin just doesn’t say “winter” to me.

Or maybe I’ll just go back to the seasonal bucket list and try to “work” through Fall. What’s next on the list? ….. “Go to a football game.” Well, let’s give that a shot – at least that involves people running and a little excitement. Maybe that will help to pass the time.

Let the football game begin!

P.S. I don’t think I can make Kickstarter backers out of paper! Or can I? Click HERE to go to! Or click HERE to read an article about “The First Snowflake of Winter” that came out on the USA Swimming page yesterday!


Kickstarter – Dreaming


Have you seen my video on Kickstarter yet? Check it out here!!

I think they really captured my likeness as I caught that snowflake. I love the effects! I stayed up watching the video over and over last night and drifted off mid-video, and the most exciting thing happened…

I had a dream that it snowed. The scarecrow looked more like a snow man when the storm passed. Fred the llama looked like a snow moose! It was so much fun and then …. I woke up. Isn’t it strange how a dream can feel so real you can almost taste it? When I woke, I couldn’t decide whether to be angry that it wasn’t real and the woods were still brown and crisp with the feeling of Fall or if I should be grateful that I had a little slice of wintery heaven. It takes too much energy to be mad for very long, so I guess I will be grateful and try to daydream about my dream last night. Is that even possible? Here’s trying …..

Let the daydreaming adventure begin!

P.S. There have been rumors of snow in the valley around where I am!! That’s a great sign, right? Or a cruel joke …

Kickstarter! Here we come….

In passing time, I stumbled upon Kickstarter. I was looking for inventors – hoping to find someone who created a “winter” machine or even a time machine. I didn’t find one, but I did find the coolest (no pun intended) group of forward-thinking people.  It gave me another idea …… what about doing the next book!?  So here we are, launching a Kickstarter campaign.  We are hoping to raise enough funds to hire our illustrator to create the pictures and enough to run the book in hardcover.  If nothing else, this will surely help pass the time to winter.

You can click here to see the cool video made especially for the Kickstarter campaign…


Let the adventure begin!!

First Frost!

Good news! There was frost on my pumpkin this morning! Okay, that’s just a saying. I haven’t gotten a pumpkin yet (it’s a few items down on my Pinterest seasonal bucket list still), but you know what I mean. Frost! That’s a sign that we are moving in the right direction…towards winter!

Let the frosty adventure begin!

Seasonal Bucket List from Pinterest

My friends are out there soaking up these warm Fall days. They are teasing me for watching the sky for signs of snow. They joke that I have my head in the clouds. It’s not my head as much as my eyes! I will admit that at times, the “snow vigil” does get a little dull. Especially on the days where the heat is thick and my hopes are thin. I have gotten a seasonal bucket list for Fall from Pinterest and will attempt to do some of the things from the list today to see if that passes the time. First on the list, “drink some apple cider.” That sounds like a plan.

Let the “list” adventure begin!


I did it! I survived summer. I did not burst into flames or turn into a melted puddle of fur and bones because of the heat. I did not get eaten alive by mosquitoes (which at times felt like a sure possibility). I didn’t die of boredom as I waited for those long days full of sunlight to pass. And here I am, one season closer to that magical time of year – winter! I can almost feel the snow now!

I love Fall in my woods because there is always that delightful reality that it very well may snow sooner than you think. I have seen snow in October in my woods before. The hope is so very real that I can almost taste it! I can feel it in my bones – that’s figuratively speaking, of course, since I am not nearly as old as Lucy the black lab who literally feels the promise of snow in her bones as they ache and creak with the change in weather.

Oh, we are just that much closer. I will begin my vigil now; I will watch the sky for that first snowflake.

Let the Fall adventure begin!

Full Moon Song

I was sitting out in the yard last night watching the stars and enjoying the full moon. That’s when I got a brilliant idea. Let’s just say, I was inspired! I theorized that singing Christmas carols would somehow speed time up and make winter arrive sooner. It works in the beginning of November for those “early bird Christmas carol” people (you know the ones, the people who have carols going while their jack-o-lantern is still fresh; the same people who put out Valentine’s candy in the stores when we should be after-Christmas shopping!)!

So I sat straight up and in true form, I tipped my head back and began to sing. I began with the first thing that came to mind which was “It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas.” The words were hopeful on my lips. I paused and looked around. I even felt the air temperature. No change. Time to try another song. I began with the sweet lilting line, “silent night….” when my friendly neighbor, Lucy the black lab, showed up and exclaimed “no, it isn’t!” Oops. At least most ideas seem brilliant at first. It was worth a shot!

Let the adventure begin!