“Dog Awake”

Where did the saying “dog tired” come from? Not all dogs are typically tired, are they? Okay, Lucy the black lab is almost always asleep when I go to her place. But that’s just one dog. I’m a dog, and I can often be found doing other things. I love adventure! I tried to hibernate through summer and couldn’t even really properly nap to pass the time. What about being “dog awake” or “dog adventurous”? I like the sound of that!

Let the “dog adventure” begin!

Saint Bernard or Slim?

Who decided that the word “husky” would mean that someone is built stocky, heavy set, or big boned? There is even a clothing size called “husky” (which is not to be confused with the other clothing size “slim” – humph). I am a runner; that’s what all huskies love to do. I’m not “husky” and yet I am a husky. Confusing, isn’t it?! I’ll admit that at times my fur is a little fluffy, but all in all I have a rather athletic look. I saw a Saint Bernard the other day that looked like it had eaten one too many bowls of kibble, if you catch my drift. He didn’t look like much of a runner, either. Maybe the size could be renamed “Saint Bernard”?

Let the husky adventure begin!

Hibernating is not easy!

It turns out that no matter how hard one tries to hibernate, sleeping for that long is not as easy as it sounds. I counted sheep and finally stopped when I had to start making up numbers to go that high – I don’t think “gagillion” is really a number. On one hand, it did pass some time and, on the other hand, it felt as if that time that passed was inching along like a snail. I thought about drinking some hot milk, but couldn’t bear the thought of anything that might make me even warmer than I am already. I guess I won’t be able to take the easy way out of this one – I will have to live through all of summer. Holding on to the hope that Fall will come soon ….

Let the adventure begin!

Seasons Defined

I asked around and it seems that the seasons are bound by the calendar. Funny that they don’t actually fit with the weather; “here” at least. Maybe they do somewhere?! Apparently where ever that “somewhere” is, doesn’t get winter until December 21st. I don’t think I would like it where ever that is. “Here” is as good a place as any and apparently “here” it is still Spring, but not for too much longer…

Let the adventure begin!

Another Spring Day

I woke up this morning to another Spring day. The robins were chirp, chirp, chirping; the chickens were cluck, cluck, clucking; and the llamas were ….. well, llamas don’t really make any sounds, but they were up.

Spring doesn’t last very long here, so one Spring day means we are one day closer to winter. Here’s to another Spring day …

Let the adventure begin!

Three Seasons to Go…

It is with a heavy heart that I state, “the final snow has melted from my woods.” In order to help pass the time during the next three (hopefully short) seasons, I will focus on my journal. I’m even going to try to occupy myself with Pinterest; everyone I talk to says that Pinterest is great for occupying time! I’m already on Facebook – all I have to do is make some friends. Here’s hoping this speeds the snow along or at least the time…

Let the adventure begin!