Llama Friends

Okay, more pictures today. These are Fred the llama’s friends. They hang out in my woods because there is a little grassy bench nearby. I usually use this spot to watch for the first snowflake, but these llamas look down most of the time, going from one blade of grass to another. The white one is my favorite, her name is Snowy (what a great name, huh?)! She had a baby last year and his name is Zoro because of that mask he was born with. He is a runner and likes to try to play chase with me. He stands and scratches his foot on the ground and then takes off. Since he is just a kid still, I try to let him win when we are racing, or at least think he’s winning right up until the last second, and then I speed up and win. He is getting a little harder to beat, but don’t tell him that!

Let the llama adventure begin!




I was wrong…

Okay, I was wrong. The storm clouds have rolled off and have left humidity in their place. That’s right, the “hot as a llama” weather is back. Looks like I will wile the time away scratching mosquito bites and panting…..at least for a while longer.

Let the scratching and panting begin!

“It’s as hot as a LLAMA!”

I have heard people say that “it’s as hot as a dog out there” – on a particularly hot and balmy day. Where did that saying come from? It doesn’t make sense. I can see the use of this phrase – “it’s as hot as a chicken out there!” Chickens have a body temperature of 104. That’s hot! A dog’s body temperature is only 101.5. A dog at 104 degrees is considered to be sick. Which makes me wonder why the saying “sick as a dog” is used at all either – I’ve never actually been sick before, but then that’s a different discussion. Back to the “hot as a dog” comment. Why not say “it’s as hot as a llama out there”? I was walking in the woods and stumbled on Fred the llama. There’s a hot looking animal. He is covered in wool….even in the summer! That one makes the most sense. I like it! I guess the only way to affect change is to start one dog at a time. So next time I am around a group of friends and we are complaining about the heat, I’m going to say, “it’s as hot as a llama out there!”

Let the adventure begin, even if it’s as hot as a llama out there!


False Alarm

False alarm. That was just rain pushing in and some cooler temperatures. No snow in that line of clouds! The rain cooled things off though and brought Fred the llama along for a visit as he was greatly concerned that there would be lightning. I tried to explain to him that we needed warmer temperatures for lightning and that it was safe, but he wouldn’t listen. I never knew a full-sized llama could squeeze into a dog house, but I guess if there is enough motivation…. I slept outside! Should clear up tomorrow….

Let the adventure begin!