“It’s as hot as a LLAMA!”

I have heard people say that “it’s as hot as a dog out there” – on a particularly hot and balmy day. Where did that saying come from? It doesn’t make sense. I can see the use of this phrase – “it’s as hot as a chicken out there!” Chickens have a body temperature of 104. That’s hot! A dog’s body temperature is only 101.5. A dog at 104 degrees is considered to be sick. Which makes me wonder why the saying “sick as a dog” is used at all either – I’ve never actually been sick before, but then that’s a different discussion. Back to the “hot as a dog” comment. Why not say “it’s as hot as a llama out there”? I was walking in the woods and stumbled on Fred the llama. There’s a hot looking animal. He is covered in wool….even in the summer! That one makes the most sense. I like it! I guess the only way to affect change is to start one dog at a time. So next time I am around a group of friends and we are complaining about the heat, I’m going to say, “it’s as hot as a llama out there!”

Let the adventure begin, even if it’s as hot as a llama out there!



I have never understood why some creatures hibernate during winter. Winter is the best time of year – the cool crisp air, the smell of pine trees on the breeze, the sting of Jack Frost nipping at your nose, the snow falling like a blanket around you. It cools my heart just to think about it. Why anyone would want to curl up and sleep through the entire season baffles me! The next time I see a bear, I should get the gumption up to ask. But for now, I will dream of hibernating through summer. That would be the best time to sleep through an entire season – the hot muggy air, the smell of sweat on the breeze, the sting of mosquitoes nipping at your nose, the sun rays melting your fur right off of you. Yes, I do believe that hibernating through summer would be a great idea to help pass the time.

Let the hibernation begin!

First Day of Summer

The first day of summer… for a winter-loving dog like myself, that doesn’t sound like much to celebrate. But the way I think about it, we are now one season closer to Winter. Time is certainly doing its job – passing. I wouldn’t mind if it would speed up the process and get along with it already, but Kelly the horse says that good things come to dogs who wait. I’m waiting all right … waiting for snow. Seems like a figment of my imagination almost, but I will hold on to it with hopeful anticipation. Until then …

Let the adventure begin!


Seasons Defined

I asked around and it seems that the seasons are bound by the calendar. Funny that they don’t actually fit with the weather; “here” at least. Maybe they do somewhere?! Apparently where ever that “somewhere” is, doesn’t get winter until December 21st. I don’t think I would like it where ever that is. “Here” is as good a place as any and apparently “here” it is still Spring, but not for too much longer…

Let the adventure begin!

Is it summer yet?

One of the benefits of living in this part of the country is that Spring is a quite short season. Basically the only distinction between Spring and Summer is the consistency of warmer temperatures. Otherwise the two seasons look similar – wildflowers growing everywhere, birds building nests, bees gathering pollen, crops trying to quickly produce, sun shining more than not. Which leaves me wondering one thing – is it summer yet?

Let the adventure begin!

False Alarm

False alarm. That was just rain pushing in and some cooler temperatures. No snow in that line of clouds! The rain cooled things off though and brought Fred the llama along for a visit as he was greatly concerned that there would be lightning. I tried to explain to him that we needed warmer temperatures for lightning and that it was safe, but he wouldn’t listen. I never knew a full-sized llama could squeeze into a dog house, but I guess if there is enough motivation…. I slept outside! Should clear up tomorrow….

Let the adventure begin!

Which way is North?

Back from my “expotition.” Now that I think about it….. It might have been handy knowing which way was North when I went in search of the North Pole yesterday. I was going to ask Fred the llama, but I got so focussed on looking for the North Pole that I not only couldn’t find it, but I got lost myself. I walked in circles in our woods until I caught a glimpse of the top of my own dog house. I was so happy to have found home that I decided to call it a day. Maybe I will go talk to Fred later and ask him which way is North….I hope North isn’t that far away.

Let the adventure begin!


Another Spring Day

I woke up this morning to another Spring day. The robins were chirp, chirp, chirping; the chickens were cluck, cluck, clucking; and the llamas were ….. well, llamas don’t really make any sounds, but they were up.

Spring doesn’t last very long here, so one Spring day means we are one day closer to winter. Here’s to another Spring day …

Let the adventure begin!

Three Seasons to Go…

It is with a heavy heart that I state, “the final snow has melted from my woods.” In order to help pass the time during the next three (hopefully short) seasons, I will focus on my journal. I’m even going to try to occupy myself with Pinterest; everyone I talk to says that Pinterest is great for occupying time! I’m already on Facebook – all I have to do is make some friends. Here’s hoping this speeds the snow along or at least the time…

Let the adventure begin!