Road trip!

Sometimes life requires a little more adventure than other times. When you feel like things around home are beginning to get dull, the only thing you can do is declare a “road trip” and set off. And so that is what I’ve done. I don’t normally like to venture beyond my comfortable woods. The smell of the pines and crisp mountain air are “home” to me. But tonight I will call the beach home. The salty air and frizzy fur will be a nice contrast and, if nothing more, they will help me appreciate the comforts of home … even if “home” is still experiencing summer.

Let the salty adventure begin!


Hibernating is not easy!

It turns out that no matter how hard one tries to hibernate, sleeping for that long is not as easy as it sounds. I counted sheep and finally stopped when I had to start making up numbers to go that high – I don’t think “gagillion” is really a number. On one hand, it did pass some time and, on the other hand, it felt as if that time that passed was inching along like a snail. I thought about drinking some hot milk, but couldn’t bear the thought of anything that might make me even warmer than I am already. I guess I won’t be able to take the easy way out of this one – I will have to live through all of summer. Holding on to the hope that Fall will come soon ….

Let the adventure begin!

False Alarm

False alarm. That was just rain pushing in and some cooler temperatures. No snow in that line of clouds! The rain cooled things off though and brought Fred the llama along for a visit as he was greatly concerned that there would be lightning. I tried to explain to him that we needed warmer temperatures for lightning and that it was safe, but he wouldn’t listen. I never knew a full-sized llama could squeeze into a dog house, but I guess if there is enough motivation…. I slept outside! Should clear up tomorrow….

Let the adventure begin!