Frosty the Snow Dog!

I just ran in for a minute to let you know that the snow has been plentiful in my woods. Once it started, it would not stop! The temps were below zero for more than a week…..I am so glad to find that shedding is reversible! I make a polar bear look underdressed right now! This weather is great and has felt like an early Christmas! My friends were all huddled indoors, but I have been outside so much that I haven’t had any time to write. I made some snow men so I could have company. Got to go!

Let the snowy adventure continue!

Dogs in the ‘Hood

I decided to walk in the woods and snap some pictures of some friends from the woods nearby. The one-year old puppies are brother and sister, Dozer (brown and white) and Indy (all brown). They are half Anatolian Shepherd and half Bernese Mountain Dog. Their dad is the fawn-colored, a full Anatolian Shepherd named Blaze. When I am bored, I hang out with them. They aren’t just plain runners like me. They are more like guard dogs; they sleep and wait to hear something of interest and then they take off like a racehorse coming out of the starting gates. That’s the part of hanging out with them that I like. The napping, I can do at home; but those dogs are fast! It is so fun to try to keep up with them. I talked Tepkins the frog into making a disturbance in the woods so the dogs would take off running and we could skip the napping part on one particular day, but the problem is these dogs are really smart. They knew what Tepkins was up to and completely ignored him. I still hang out with them to pass the time even if only for the possibility of the run.

Let the running adventure begin!



Home Sweet Home

The trip was a success! I have a freezer full of Salmon and crab. The fish were biting and the change of scenery helped to pass the time.

But as Dorothy said, “there’s no place like home.”

Never underestimate the power of home. Home is a comforting force of nature that can not be explained, but only felt. The sights are familiar, the things that go bump in the night only soothe and never startle you at home, the smells flood the mind with a sense of belonging. Home is a good place. It is easy to forget that when you take it for granted. That was enough adventure this time.

Let the peace and quiet begin!