Seasons Defined

I asked around and it seems that the seasons are bound by the calendar. Funny that they don’t actually fit with the weather; “here” at least. Maybe they do somewhere?! Apparently where ever that “somewhere” is, doesn’t get winter until December 21st. I don’t think I would like it where ever that is. “Here” is as good a place as any and apparently “here” it is still Spring, but not for too much longer…

Let the adventure begin!

Is it summer yet?

One of the benefits of living in this part of the country is that Spring is a quite short season. Basically the only distinction between Spring and Summer is the consistency of warmer temperatures. Otherwise the two seasons look similar – wildflowers growing everywhere, birds building nests, bees gathering pollen, crops trying to quickly produce, sun shining more than not. Which leaves me wondering one thing – is it summer yet?

Let the adventure begin!

Swimming in Lucy’s Pond

I realize now that time will pass too slowly if I just hide at home while I shed. So I ventured out yesterday. I took a swim in Lucy’s pond today, which made the ducks she watches fly all different directions. It also made Lucy worry that they would never return (then what would she do with her time?). One thing is for certain, the dip in the pond helped with my shedding and, despite my making a mess of Lucy’s den, I feel like a new dog. The water was cold and refreshing. The next best thing to snow, I’d say. The ducks returned the moment I finished shaking off. Lucy immediately stopped worrying. All is well in the woods. I might go swim at Tepkins’ pond tomorrow. Anything to cool off…

Let the adventure begin!


Another Spring Day

I woke up this morning to another Spring day. The robins were chirp, chirp, chirping; the chickens were cluck, cluck, clucking; and the llamas were ….. well, llamas don’t really make any sounds, but they were up.

Spring doesn’t last very long here, so one Spring day means we are one day closer to winter. Here’s to another Spring day …

Let the adventure begin!