False Alarm

False alarm. That was just rain pushing in and some cooler temperatures. No snow in that line of clouds! The rain cooled things off though and brought Fred the llama along for a visit as he was greatly concerned that there would be lightning. I tried to explain to him that we needed warmer temperatures for lightning and that it was safe, but he wouldn’t listen. I never knew a full-sized llama could squeeze into a dog house, but I guess if there is enough motivation…. I slept outside! Should clear up tomorrow….

Let the adventure begin!


Cloudy Skies on the Horizon

Good news – clouds are lined up in the sky like thirsty dogs at a watering hole on a hot day. I think a storm could be coming. With that, this time of year in this area of the country, there could always be the possibility of a cold front – even snow! Wouldn’t that be grand! My friends don’t share that opinion, so I try to keep it to myself. But here’s hoping …..

Let the adventure begin!